About Mamasan

Mamasan Bookings - Surry Hills (403 Crown Street) & Bondi (57-59 Beach Road)

Asian tapas, wine, beer, sake, sushi, sashimi & yum cha.

Everyone knows that Bondi locals hate leaving Bondi – now Mamasan gives them one more reason to stay.

We love our food.

We also love our wine, our beer, but most of all we love our sake.

We want to share that love with you.

Mamasan is the “naughty little sister” of Lizai Restaurant – which for 6 years was Campbell Parade’s iconic Asian Tapas & Yum Cha destination.

Mamasan is a passion ~ the people who own it also created the menu, designed the interior & work there every night.

We’re proud to be part of Bondi’s growing small bar & café precinct along Glenayer Ave – so please come & hang out at our place.

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